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Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.

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Solutions and Services

New markets targeted. Response rates improved. Revenue increased. Those are the results we at Experian, as the industry leader, help you achieve with our solutions and services.

We provide corporate risk-control solutions based on data technology.
We use predictive consumer insights and sophisticated segmentation to help you reach your ideal customer audiences.
We use data science, analytics and technology to help you understand data and make fast, efficient decisions.
We ensure that data fits your purpose by keeping it current, clean and accurate.
Latest articles
Aug 19 2019 / Experian
The strategic partnership highlights commitment to boosting financial health of consumers across the Asia Pacific region.
Jul 29 2019 / Experian
As innovation of financial technologies and transformation of banking operations continue to gather pace since 2018, the time is ripe for “Bank 3.0”, meaning digitised, smart and open.
Apr 25 2019 / Experian
Chinese consumers demand greater security on top of convenient digital experiences.
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