Imagine Your Tomorrow

Making change happen with Experian
There is a world of opportunity to be found in many different roles at Experian. We’re looking for people who want to build relationships and push themselves to come up with fresh ideas. As a global brand, our role is increasingly important and the impact we make can change things for the better. Making change happen takes people like you who want to make a real difference.
Changing the way we see the world
Helping to create a better tomorrow
Finding your perfect role at Experian
Finding your perfect role at Experian
  • 20,000 employees in 44 countries
  • 3.5 billion credit decisions supported
  • Decision Analytics’ PowerCurve solution recognised as a winner at the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards
  • 158 innovations launched in the last year with an expanded addressable market
  • Over 102,000 fraud victims supported
  • 61 million people reached through Social Innovation projects