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Beijing Office:

Yi Bai Li Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

12th floor, Tower C, Oriental Media Center, No.4 Guanghua Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 100026, P.R.C

T: 8610 6649 5188
F: 8610 8557 0818

Shanghai Office:

Unit 702 GuoXin Plaza, No.29 Middle Jian Guo Rd, Luwan District, Shanghai, China. 200025

T: 86 21 5170 3501

About Experian CheetahMail China

Email Marketing Success with Experian CheetahMail

Experian CheetahMail is the trusted service provider of permission-based email marketing solutions for top enterprises worldwide and is now available in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand!

Offering industry-leading email marketing and customer intelligence solutions, as well as providing a broad range of client services, Experian CheetahMail enables clients to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers.

Discover why the world's leading organisations choose Experian CheetahMail as their email marketing and customer intelligence solutions provider.

In today's email marketing world, relevance is key to success.

Bring your customers into focus

Knowing who your customers are is essential to making effective email marketing decisions now and in the future. Whether you are looking to leverage basic demographic information or examine behavioural or psychographic data, Experian CheetahMail has the tools needed to obtain a complete, 360 degree view of your customers.

Our sophisticated analytics modules and seamless integration with third-party data sources allow us to quickly and easily combine your online and offline information, identify hidden value, and make recommendations that are both quantitatively proven and qualitatively relevant.

Deliver emails as individual as your customers

Through our innovative and feature-rich technology, strategic insight and industry expertise, Experian CheetahMail helps you communicate with your customers on a true one-to-one level. Our customer contact strategies are fully customisable to your brand and industry, and have proven to generate increases in customer loyalty, brand equity and ROI.

Experian CheetahMail also has the industry's largest and most experienced client services team. By coupling our high levels of service and support with the most complete deliverability toolset available, we are able to ensure that your messages reach your customers' inboxes each and every time.

Analyse customer data and bring insight into action

One of the many benefits of email marketing is the ability to precisely track and measure the results of your campaigns. Statistics have shown that marketers who test their email campaigns on a regular basis are more likely to have higher conversion rates than those who do not.

Experian CheetahMail's robust reporting capabilities enable you to understand your customers at the most granular level. Using these tools, you can create response-driven customer segments quickly and easily based on any number of factors including demographics, purchase history and click-through behavior. Our point-and-click user interface makes it easy to view and compare real-time results across multiple campaigns or sources to better understand performance and increase program success.

Your Email Marketing Tool Kit

Experian CheetahMail offers the tools you need to Be Relevant to your customers.

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